15 May 2012

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15 May 2012

Post by Alex on Wed May 16, 2012 7:28 am

Evening everybody!

Right, so I have been plugging the site all over the internet and pageviews have started to show a significant rise - the next step is to get people involved! Don't forget to keep telling your friends and family who are interested in this sort of thing to get involved and check the site out, won't be long til we have a nice little community going on here!
Plans are in the pipeline for the first official South West Cruise meet, and once everything has been sorted, there will be an announcement up here on the site, so watch this space!

On top of that, I have added a complete 'Technical Area' to the site, so you, as members, can ask questions about how to carry out your latest mod, why your car is jumping about and what would look best on it!

Finally, I am looking into getting windscreen decals made up with the club name & web address to run down the side of the windscreen in the same design as the logo on the top of the site. (Due to MOT rules, as confirmed by my MOT tester, no vinyls on the windscreen can be in the wipe-able area, so down the side will have to do!)
These will be provided by Galpin Auto Vinyls, most likely at a cost of £10 posted to your door, as that is what he'd be charging me to have them made up. If anyone would like one once I've had my prototype vinyl made up, they will be available in the online shop provided I am happy with the quality. They will probably be approx. 46cm long, so that they fit on the smallest of windscreens from top to bottom! Any feedback on this is much appreciated, as are any other suggestions for what other merchandise people would like to see!


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