fosseway ride 04/06/2012

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fosseway ride 04/06/2012

Post by Aaron_206 on Thu Jun 07, 2012 5:16 am

Took the bike out for a ride on Monday. Decided to go out to malmesbury, joined up the fosseway at brokenborough and followed it until i came to a dead end at the back of kemble airfield. Got a few pics along the way. Excuse the poor quality, forgot my camera so they were taken on my phone:

Bikes a bit of a tight fit in the back of the old Pug. really do need a bike rack!

All back together again Very Happy

after a long uphill section decided to take a break.

Then it started to get a bit muddy

End of the line!! dead end behind kemble airfield. (you can just see the tail of a plane in the background.)

looks like i'll be cleaning the bike then...


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