22 January 2012 **Forum Rules Added + New Forum Help Guide!**

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22 January 2012 **Forum Rules Added + New Forum Help Guide!**

Post by Alex on Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:29 am

Afternoon all,
I know it's a boring subject, but all forums need a set of rules, right? That's why I've been posting rules on some of the different forums on here, most notably the 'For Sale' and 'Wanted' threads. They will pop up when you go to post a new thread, and they are also in each different forum as an announcement, so they will always be at the top of the threads in bold font.

I have also typed up a short and sweet guide to changing a threads' title, as I've seen throughout all forums people struggle to figure that one out! Hopefully we won't have that problem now. Smile


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