05 February 2012 **More Items In Shop and Prices Adjusted**

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05 February 2012 **More Items In Shop and Prices Adjusted**

Post by Alex on Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:57 am

Hi all,
I have put the Wiltshire French Cars official mug up as 'Coming Soon' in the online shop, purely because I'm waiting on the prototype to come back, however I think it will be a popular product. Smile On top of that, I have blended the two hoody designs into one listing in the shop, as I'm only allowed five products at present! So it's space saving, and I've just added different options in the size selection, for example 'Small - Small Front Print' and 'Small - Large Front Print'.

Final point to note for today, I have adjusted the prices slightly to tie in better with PayPal fees, as I was out of pocket slightly with selling the WFC stickers after all fees were deducted. With the new price changes, it should all tie up so I only make about 10p from each set of stickers sold after all fees, if that. Old prices were £3.00 + £0.60 P&P, new prices are £3.99 with free P&P. Hopefully this should be more beneficial for a pair of high-quality vinyl stickers!


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