29 Feb 2012 **SOTM Forum, PFC Magazine & Hollywood UK (Band)**

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29 Feb 2012 **SOTM Forum, PFC Magazine & Hollywood UK (Band)**

Post by Alex on Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:10 pm

Hey guys,
Very quick note because it's really bloody late, but you may have noticed I have put up a locked forum this evening for the Shot of the Month section. I need to do some tweaking with it, however this should be up and running by the 1st of March, so you can all get submitting your photos to have it displayed on the WFC homepage!

Also, don't forget that Performance French Car magazine have given us the chance to have WFC profiled in their pages, along with photos of your car. Since this offer was made, they have also posted a thread on here in the 'Progress Threads' forum looking for new feature cars for their magazine - definitely worth a look into, they're not necessarily looking into finished motors either - works-in-progress are just as welcome, they just want cars and projects that are interesting to go in their pages!
Go have a nosey guys.

One last thing, don't forget that there is a selection of awesome Wiltshire French Cars merchandise available in the online shop HERE!

Keep on telling your friends about this site, the response we're having at the moment is already amazing, and it needs to grow!


P.S. Check out this music video for a new British Pop-Rock band called Hollywood - the lead singer is a very close friend of mine and their music is starting to become a bit of a hit. They go on tour at the end of March and beginning of April, supporting Matt Lowden (One Direction's usual support artist - March tour) and Taking Hayley (April tour). The song is called 'Life is Good' and is now available on iTunes as their debut single. Definitely worth a listen guys, Katie (the girlfriend) has it stuck in her head and we're both really impressed with Jonny (the singer/my mate). Deserves all the praise it's receiving lately. Enjoy!


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